Coachella Valley Beer Scene is an independent project, dedicated to improving the craft beer market in the Coachella Valley and Greater Palm Springs area. Our aim is to:

  • Support craft breweries in the Palm Springs area
  • Get more quality beer into the Palm Springs area
  • Support quality craft beer bars and stores
  • Post informative and relevant industry information

Our beer events page and breweries page are the most extensive and comprehensive listing in the Coachella Valley, while our beer stores page and bar page are hand-picked under the title of “CV Craft Certified.”

Most of our leads come from members of our Facebook CV Craft Beer Drinkers Page. We welcome any information from breweries, distributors, and craft beer fans. If you share our quest for better beer and have any suggestions, you can contact us or click on our social media links. We’re grateful for any feedback or support to keep this site going.

Andrew Smith (Managing Editor)

Beer enthusiast and social media marketer. Andrew has been writing about and working in the beer industry since 2000. Andrew currently blogs about the Palm Springs area on this site, as well as covering the Inland Empire for Beer Paper LA.

Shelley Smith (Photographer)

Beer enthusiast and photographer. Shelley enjoys taking pictures of nature and her dogs. Since she invariably finds herself on Andrew’s beer excursions, she also finds herself taking beer photos too.

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